Martial arts is famous in China and it play an important role in the Chinese culture.It is of great benefits to who practice it .look the pic below ,I collected online.


This pic shows that a uncle's patience and practice !High quality wooden dummy, or called wing chun dummy, for Martial arts enthusiasts. Physical fitness for people of all ages.


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Handsome guy practicing with wooden dummy!

It is cool ,practing with wooden dummy! perfectly build stiffness,rigidness, & toughness to their body!

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High quality wooden dummy, or called wing chun dummy, for Martial arts enthusiasts. Physical fitness for people of all ages.

Along with that,it helps to polish visual & contact reflexes. Although wooden training is one of the essential step in order to achieve all these mentioned elegant-lofty goals,but going beyond that, it allows to workout in a spontaneous and undetermined way. The basic wooden dummy workout introduces a series of movements which teach the fundamental techniques,delivering a rudimentary understanding of how to move on the dummy correctly.

Nowadys ,it is very famous in the world ,especailly Chinese KungFu Star ,such as Bruce Lee ,Famous Chinese movie <<叶问3>> you can have a look it is marvelous ,Martial arts performance part is in the majority.Kung Fu Wooden Dummy is a great partner to practice with ,in the movie <<叶问3>> ,Wooden Dummy is showed when the main actor practice ,and the main actor put it into practice when being attacked by the enemy, his action is neat, beautiful, also have very big damage,this is sufficient proved that find a good partner is so important .KungFu is famous in china ,and it is actually exisit in the world truely ,it is famous in guangzhou that area,if you really want to get more information ,you can find the history online ,find some true material .


wooden dummy is not easy to find one if you live in a small city ,and make one not easy at same time ,the material is difficult to find ,you can search one line at the reasonable price ,many wooden dummy for sale on line ,google with a strong power ,a great helper ,you can find your ideal online.



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